Thursday, November 24, 2011

When Learning Comes To Life

Although I returned home from my Churchill experience almost a week ago, the adventure continues on a daily basis. I'm stopped several times a day by friends, family, teachers and students to share stories about my short stay along the shores of Hudson Bay.

Every time I tell a story about being aboard Buggy One, sleeping on Tundra Buggy Lodge or gazing into the eye of a polar bear, it takes me right back there. I've visited several classrooms, both physically and virtually to share my learning firsthand. I love these opportunities and am so grateful that several educators have invited me to share ideas and information with their students in this way.

I love the fact that I've been asked to directly share my learning with classrooms within my school division, throughout my city, around my province and across my country. I look forward to connecting with many more teachers and many more students around the world.

But there's one thing that makes me even happier than sharing my learning with teachers and students. It's having students share their learning with me. When I meet and talk to groups of students who have been inspired to take action on behalf of the polar bear, I think about those polar bears who I met face to face and think about how happy they would be...

That's what 'Chilling with Nanuq' will become in the days, weeks and months ahead. A space where I can share success stories from teachers and students just like you who learning about how we can help sustain our existing polar bear populations.

I love the messages that Ms. Thio's Grade 3/4 class in Winnipeg, Manitoba wrote to speak up for the polar bears - thanks for sharing :-)

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