Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Big Adventure

In exactly one week, I'll be aboard a flight to Churchill, Manitoba to spend a week studying polar bears and their habitat. I can't wait to work along with Edmodo, Polar Bears International and a team of scientists from around the world to share the fall polar bear migration with the rest of the world!

I'll be using this space to provide regular updates about what we're seeing outside the windows of Tundra Buggy One. This is the same vehicle that broadcasts the live Polar Bear Cam, so we're sure to see plenty of polar bears and other Arctic animals in the natural habitat.

As I capture my own images from aboard Tundra Buggy One, I'll be including them in a photo slideshow that you will find on the 'Photos' page of this site.

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you and your students to follow along with my polar bear adventures as they're unfolding. I would encourage you to leave behind your own questions and comments so that I can provide you with the facts and information that you and your students are hoping to take away from this experience.

I hope you'll enjoy 'Chilling with Nanuq' :-)