Monday, November 14, 2011

Inside & Outside Buggy One

What an incredible day aboard Buggy One! We hosted a video conference with about 100 students from York University (Toronto) and the first Polar Bears International Tundra Connections webcast that was 'powered by Edmodo' which saw participation from over 600 classrooms around the world.

When you consider the fact that each one of these 600 'connections' had an average of 20 viewers, we likely had over 10,ooo participants in today's webcast - wow!!! I just hope that most of the teachers and students who participated in this webcast left feeling inspired to do something about reducing their carbon footprint and protect this amazing ecosystem :-)

Prior to the connections we made around the world today, we had some amazing bear viewing right outside the windows of Buggy One. Here are just a few of the photos that I captured this morning... enjoy :-)


  1. Hey Andy!
    Amazing photos! I can't help but think that Nanuq (in the close up shot) looks sad... the eyes break my heart! It was too bad that the kids had an inservice today but we'll for sure tune in tomorrow. Do you ever get the chance to walk around outside the buggy or is it too dangerous?

  2. @Heather - You're right... looking into this bear's eyes, you can almost feel the pain :-(

    No chance of stepping foot off Buggy One. I won't be touching the ground for a few days - it's a strange feeling...

    Thanks for tuning in and following along with this adventure :-)

  3. Very vivid and up close images of these beautiful animals - thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow Andy! A chance of a lifetime. I totally agree with Heather, their eyes look sad. Beautiful pictures!